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Counseling for Singles

“We waste our time looking for the perfect lover instead of creating perfect love”
Tom Robbins

  • Your friends always date and you think “what’s wrong with me?”
  • Are you home alone weekend after weekend?
  • Do you keep repeating the same mistakes with who you date?
  • Are you afraid of commitment although it’s what you really want?

If you don’t know if you might NEVER meet the right person, Lexington Counseling Center can help you right now.

Here are some of the things you put in your own way

  • Red Flags-
    • Why do you ignore them?
    • If you don’t see them, how to recognize them.
    • Would you rather have the wrong person than no one at all.
  • Trauma-
    • When someone grows up in an abusive or neglectful environment,
    • they don’t seek healthy partners,
    • they don’t know how to act in relationships.
  • Divorce-
    • Ending a marriage, even a bad one, is a trauma

At Lexington Counseling you and I will:

  • Separate the hurts of the past from the events of the present
  • Find out how your feelings and beliefs mess up your relationships
  • Learn crucial unknown differences between men and women

Relational Cultural Therapy is all about your life in relationships. Everything you have done, from the time you are born to this moment affects your search for love. Let’s make love a great and exciting thing.

Don’t you want to start right now? I know I do!!


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Lexington Counseling Center with Randy Markey MSW LICSW counsels in Lexington MA and surrounding areas including Arlington, Acton, Belmont, Burlington, Bedford, Cambridge, Concord, Carlisle, Lincoln, Newton, Winchester, Wilmington, Wayland, Weston, Waltham, Watertown, bringing connection and communication to couples with relationship problems.

Updated September 2010